Indira Care Home Health strives to offer and meet every needs of your home health care. Patient and family members may find it very difficult and frustrating to adjust to a normal life following a serious injury or illness or disease process. Indira Care Home Health commits to be by your side offering high quality care and rehabilitation services in these situations. Our experienced Physical Therapists offer their excellent services and the expertise to guide you to the road of recovery.

Our Physical Therapy services offers:

  • Skilled assessment, observation and evaluation.
    • Assessment of surrounding and home
    • Assessment of musculoskeletal system
    • Observe and evaluate safety and mobility status
    • Generate a treatment and care plan
  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment.
    • Functional mobility
    • Gross motor coordination
    • Pain
    • Strength
    • Balance
    • Range of motion
    • Sensation
    • Fall risk
    • Edema
  • Other treatment and training
    • Transfer training
    • Lymphedema treatment
    • Educate patients and caregivers
    • Develop home exercise programs
    • Assess patients’ needs for assistive devices
    • Safe and proper use of assistive device and training
    • Manual therapy, massages
    • Fall risk reduction, through balance training and recommendations on safety
    • Heat/cold treatment
    • Specialized care
    • Modalities
  • Continuous and ongoing patient and caregiver education and training. And many more.
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