We Accept Referals from Many Resources

Physician’s or Doctor’s Clinic

Skilled Nurse Facilities and Rehabilitation Centers

Friends and Family

Community Service Programs

Physician’s or Doctor’s Clinic

Direct Call from Patients

What Do We Need for the Referral?

  • Physician’s written order identifying the need for home health services.
  • Current insurance information
  • Most recent history and physical of the patient, recent medication list.
  • Patient’s demographics (name, address and phone number), etc.

What Can You Expect Once the Referral is Sent?

  • Our team will verify all the information. Upon approval you will receive a welcome call from our team member.
  • Our Home Health services will initiate care within 24 – 48 hours from referral date or on date specified by the physician.

Once Care is Initiated What Should You Expect

On Admission

  • Our team will notify and coordinate care with your primary care physician within 24 hours of initiation of care.
  • Upon initiation of care an individualized and patient focused Plan of Care (POC) will be generated within 48 to 72 hours. This Plan of care will be reviewed by your primary care physician. This plan of care is then implemented throughout the patient care.

On Admission

  • Patient, caregiver and the care team will be involved throughout the patient care.
  • Patient will be notified of upcoming discharge once the patient centered goals are met.
  • Your primary care physician will be notified.

During Care

  • Interdisciplinary team continues to care for the patient at their home. Interdisciplinary team is compromised of nurses, therapist, aides, medical social worker, dieticians etc.
  • Any change in patient’s condition is reported, changes are made to the care plan to address the patient’s change in condition to provide quality care.
  • If patient needs care for more than 60 days, a Registered Nurse will evaluate patient’s condition, coordinate with the primary care physician, and continue to provide care.

Have Questions to be Answered before Referring.

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