Private Duity

Private Duity Nursing Includes

We offer wide range of nursing services and are always expanding our services. Some examples of nursing care services that we offer are:

  • Skilled Nursing observations (your home, surroundings for safety and health concerns), assessments (your physical, social and health assessments) and evaluations (care plans based on assessments).
  • Disease process management and teaching. Some general disease processes are:
    1. Diabetes
    2. Congestive heart failure
    3. Hypertension
    4. Chronic kidney disease
    5. Urinary tract infection
    6. COPD
    7. Stroke
    8. GERD
  • Care to acute and chronic conditions. For examples:
    1. Catheter changes and catheter care.
    2. Tube feedings and care
    3. Ostomy care
    4. Incontinence care
    5. Wound vac
    6. Wound care, dressing changes.
    7. Burn care
    8. Tracheostomy care
    9. Post stroke care
    10. Cardiac rehabilitation care
    11. PICC line care and dressing changes
  • Other Nursing services
    1. Pre- surgery education and counseling
    2. Post-surgery care
    3. IV care, IV therapy
    4. Injections administration
    5. Medication management and teaching.
    6. Ongoing and continuous teaching and training to patient and family members.
    7. Our nurses strive to make patient and family members independent of their care.
    8. Extended care
    9. Personalized care

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